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June 2015

Little Things

Love my new blog cards

Lots of friends were asking where they could check out what we will be doing on our travels, see photos etc. Rather than having to keep writing down this blog address, I decided to get some little cards to hand out at home before we go and whilst we are away. Just got 100 printed (from my old friends Moo.com) hope that's going to be enough!


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Insurance (revisited)

Insuring your home whilst you are away

We expected that this might be a little complicated, but it proved to be more difficult than we had anticipated. We approached our own insurance company as well as a number of others and a broker. Most of those contacted just wouldn't insure us if we were going to be away for more than 60 days. We looked into empty property insurance but that still required regular house checks. In the end with have stuck with our current insurers who have imposed a number of conditions including weekly checks. We are in the process of drawing up a rota and are relying on the goodwill and kindness of family and neighbours. Moral of the story; unless you are happy to go away leaving your house uninsured then don't leave until the last minute to organise.

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