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Bounty from the Sea 08.12.2015
Staying Close to Home (Again) 08.12.2015
All About the Swimming 06.12.2015
A Wet and Windy Day in Raro 06.12.2015
Staying Close to Home 06.12.2015
Getting Round the Island 06.12.2015
Travelling Back in Time 06.12.2015
Getting 'Airport Ready' 06.12.2015
Doing the Rounds 06.12.2015
Akoroa Wildlife 26.11.2015
Flexing our Walking Legs Again 26.11.2015
On the Road Again 26.11.2015
Getting Some Fresh Air into the Lungs 26.11.2015
What to do on a Wet and Windy Day in Tekapo 26.11.2015
From One Beautiful Lake to Another 26.11.2015
Art in Nature 26.11.2015
Heading Back to the Mountains 22.11.2015
The Wonders of Nature 18.11.2015
A Slice of New Zealand History 18.11.2015
Staying Local 18.11.2015
Some Do, Whilst Others Just Watch 18.11.2015
Multiple Perspectives on Te Anau 18.11.2015
"A Pinch of Adrenalin and a Heap of Natural Beauty" 18.11.2015
Cruise on Doubtful Sound (part 2) 17.11.2015
Cruise on Doubtful Sound (part 1) 17.11.2015
Planning Your Trip Around Your Stomach 16.11.2015
The Best of Queenstown Without the Adrenalin Rush 16.11.2015
Backpacking for the Over 60's 15.11.2015
This is Paradise 15.11.2015
En-route to a Sunny Wanaka 11.11.2015
A Wet Day in Franz Josef 11.11.2015
Exploring the Franz Josef Glacier 07.11.2015
Letting Someone Else Take the Strain 07.11.2015
You Just Can't Do Everything! 06.11.2015
Paparoa National Park 06.11.2015
Crossing the Alps 05.11.2015
Christchurch: the Earthquake that Shook a City 02.11.2015
A Wet and Windy Day En-route to Christchurch 02.11.2015
Back and Forth to the Whaleway Station 01.11.2015
Back to the Pacific Ocean 01.11.2015
Doing it Like the Locals Do 30.10.2015
A Day in the Abel Tasman 27.10.2015
Staying Near to 'Home' 25.10.2015
Moving on to the Abel Tasman 22.10.2015
Exploring Picton 22.10.2015
Crossing the Cook Strait 21.10.2015
Windy Wellington 20.10.2015
Heading to the Capital 20.10.2015
An Art Deco City Rises from the Ashes 19.10.2015
Bits and Pieces 18.10.2015
Ebb and Flow 18.10.2015
Come Rain, Come Shine 17.10.2015
Hiking and High Tea 17.10.2015
Nature and Landscapes 16.10.2015
How the World Began (part 2) 13.10.2015
How the World Began (part 1) 12.10.2015
A Day Exploring Maori Culture 12.10.2015
In Hot Water! 09.10.2015
Rest and Relaxation in the 'City' 08.10.2015
Not Everthing that is Gold Glistens! 07.10.2015
A Tour Round the Coromandel 07.10.2015
West Coast to East 03.10.2015
The Long and Winding Road 03.10.2015
The Ancient Kauri Tree 02.10.2015
Culture and Nature Combined 02.10.2015
Exploring the Northland 01.10.2015
Where the Ocean meets the Sea 01.10.2015
Taking the Road North (again) 30.09.2015
Perspectives on Auckland 30.09.2015
Introduction to New Zealand 28.09.2015
The Last Few Hours in Oz 28.09.2015
Things Wild and Wonderful 27.09.2015
The Wet Tropics 25.09.2015
Kuranda and the Daintreee 25.09.2015
The Big One - a day on the GBR 24.09.2015
Water, Water Everywhere 24.09.2015
Flying North 24.09.2015
The Sunshine State 19.09.2015
Head in the Clouds 17.09.2015
Rain Forest and Waterfalls 17.09.2015
A Detour to Tambourine Mountain 16.09.2015
Byron Bay Beachside 15.09.2015
Up to the Sun and the Surf 13.09.2015
Bit of a Choc Fest 11.09.2015
Day of Ups and Downs 11.09.2015
Simple Pleasures 09.09.2015
On the Move Again 08.09.2015
It Was All About the Scenery Today 08.09.2015
Australia, Asia and the Desert All in One Day 06.09.2015
From the Blue Mountains to the Hunter Valley 06.09.2015
Out and About in Katoomba 06.09.2015
Scenic From Start to Finish 04.09.2015
Stepping Out 04.09.2015
In the Suburbs and the City 03.09.2015
Family Time 02.09.2015
Oh I do like to be beside the Ocean! 01.09.2015
Our Much Awaited Arrival in Sydney 31.08.2015
North of the Yarra 31.08.2015
Leaving the Sea for the City 28.08.2015
Great Ocean Road (Part 2) 27.08.2015
Great Ocean Road (Part 1) 27.08.2015
Driving the Coastal Road 26.08.2015
Letting the Pictures Tell the Story 25.08.2015
Around the Coorong National Park 25.08.2015
On the Road Again 25.08.2015
More Amazing Wildlife 22.08.2015
All Things Remarkable! 22.08.2015
From the Gastronomic to the Zoological 20.08.2015
Eat, Drink and Be Merry 20.08.2015
Time for Reflections 20.08.2015
Trip into the MacDonnells 19.08.2015
Back to King's Canyon 19.08.2015
Big Rocks, Small Rocks 19.08.2015
Journey to the Red Centre 19.08.2015
A Town That's Alice 14.08.2015
The Ghan 13.08.2015
An Encounter with the Wildlife of the Northern Territories 13.08.2015
Life in the Northern Territories 04.08.2015
Introduction to Darwin 01.08.2015
Bali and Away 01.08.2015
Chedi, Chedi Good 01.08.2015
Off to Bali 29.07.2015
Thoughts of Singapore 28.07.2015
Singapore ~ The Lion City 26.07.2015
Ready and Waiting ...here we come 23.07.2015
The Packing List 08.07.2015
Little Things 16.06.2015
Insurance (revisited) 16.06.2015
The Kit 28.05.2015
A Taste of Things to Come 23.04.2015
What about work! 18.04.2015
Plains, Trains and Automobiles 14.03.2015
Insurance 03.03.2015
Only 5 months to go! 22.02.2015
The route 15.12.2014